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A mediator is a neutral third party who assists parties in negotiating their own agreement. We are qualified to mediate all types of disputes including family, partnerships, shareholders, employment, real estate and commercial matters.

Mediation is a voluntary process, and parties may choose to mediate all or some of the issues in dispute.


We are also able to act as arbitrators to resolve disputes outside of Court.

Arbitration is a voluntary process in which the parties agree to retain an arbitrator, who, after receiving the relevant information and arguments from each party, provides a decision that is binding and can be enforced in Court, if necessary.

Unlike mediation, the arbitrator does have the authority to make a decision.


Sometimes, people will choose Mediation/Arbitration as the process to resolve their conflict.

In this process, the parties agree at the outset to negotiate with the assistance of a mediator, BUT if they are unable to reach an agreement on any item or items, the mediator then acts as an arbitrator to give a decision that the parties have agreed will be binding.

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